To give yourself the best chance of success in your career, you’ll need to carry on developing your skills throughout your working life. Apprenticeships give you the chance to learn and gain nationally recognised qualifications while getting a weekly wage.

Is an Apprenticeship right for you?

First, you’ll need to decide which career suits you best. Next, you’ll have to decide whether you can commit to the demands of an Apprenticeship. Being an apprentice means juggling work and study over the long term.

How long does an Apprenticeship last?

It varies – depending on the sector, the qualification you’re going for and the skills you already have. Generally, an Apprenticeship takes between one and two years to complete.

Who can apply

Anyone of any age can apply for an Apprenticeship! Entry requirements will depend on the Apprenticeship you want to do.

We offer:

• Apprenticeships (equivalent to five good GCSE passes)
• Advanced Apprenticeships (equivalent to two A-level passes)

Depending on your grades in GCSE Maths and English, you may need to take a literacy and numeracy test.